I’m on the fence…

So, I’m really enjoying this blogging gig.  I mean, I read today on a fellow blogger’s site something that really inspired me.  I realized that I’ve really been doing this for 10 years it just wasn’t known as blogging back then.  And I wasn’t sharing it with anyone, much less perfect strangers (and those lovely friends and family  making their visits)!

Today, I added my site to Picket Fence Blogs.  I had honestly never heard of this site until today, but they are a directory of lifestyle blogs. If you ever want to vote for my blog and increase my popularity because who DOESN’T want to be more popular?!  Just click on the link below and vote.

And hopefully you know me well enough to know I’m totally just kidding about the popularity thing.

Why did I add my blog to this site?  I think it’s a great way to connect folks who have similar passions as well as get some great information.  It’s funny how our means of connecting have changed.  The beau and I were talking last night about the intensity of technology and how much it has changed our lives.  I attended my first twitter party last night hosted by the lovely gals over at iBloom.  They  have launched this great, new, FREE 40-day challenge and it was really fun to get to meet some of the other gals out there who are already participating in the challenge.  I will say though, this little introvert was a little overwhelmed at times with all the tweets going on at once.  Shewwweee….I couldn’t keep up.  Anyway, the challenge IS great and you should definitely check it out.

So back to this convo the beau and I were having, technology has increased so much in the past 10-15 years!  Just like this journal going public and becoming a blog, so many things keep transitioning SO fast.  I mean, I know we’re getting older, but we both distinctly recall sitting in our library in the 8th or 9th grade and getting permission to use the ONE computer that had internet access.  Having to specifically type in the http:// and wondering what in the HECK that was!

With this increased technology, there is a constant debate about how much is too much and at what point it affects our ability to personally connect with someone versus being their twitter friend, keeping up on facebook, or getting to know someone through the personal diary entries of their blog.  I will say that I feel the relationships I already  have in existence (face to face, that is) are nothing but enhanced by this lovely little technology jump.

So what am I debating (if it’s really even to be considered a debate):

  • Facebook: Reconnecting (in person) with a college friend this weekend whom I’d spend the past six years wondering how she was doing–Facebook: CHECK
  • Twitter: Brought an acquaintance from church as well as a good friend together over a shared love for the same Panera Bagels & Cream Cheese. Yes, as a foodie, it tends to come up quite often in the tweets. After that meeting, she invited us over to her house to give us a lesson in making our own Pad Thai–Twitter: Check PLUS!
  • The Blog: When I did the “jump start” on the blog a few weeks ago, I knew that one thing I needed to step up was my PR.  I have learned some incredibly valuable things lately from friends who have journeyed into blogging (check out my links) and although I’m not saying I’m the wise sage with much wisdom to impart, sharing the wisdom I’m learning from others to any of my readers who happen to follow along is very important to me.  Blog: CHECK (based solely on my own inspiration from my college friend,  Naturally Chic Mama)

So needless to say, although the wallflower in me was definitely coming out last night at the twitter party, I know that good things come from these online communities that exist and I’m not going anywhere.

So what’s your take?  Any great stories to share about reconnecting with folks via these means?  Anyone develop a NEW relationship with someone you met via a blog?  Would love to hear your thoughts!



4 thoughts on “I’m on the fence…

  1. SO PROUD of you, my friend!!

    First, I’m LOVING the blog- you are such an incredibly gifted writer and I’m LOVING the direction your blog has taken as of late.

    Second, it was SO SO SO fun to see you participating in the Twitter Party last night?! You should have been on the phone with me during it. It was QUITE comical that this introvert was leading it. I was also overwhelmed, especially trying to run my 2 different Twitter accounts. HAHA!

    Third, I’m SO very grateful for you and your friendship!!

    I LOVE YOU!!

    P.S – THANKS for mentioning iChoose2! I’m LOVING your comments on that blog too!

    • Thanks Kel! It’s been really fun doing what I love and I appreciate your compliments! Hope you’re having a great day!

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