We ran the 5K, just didn’t get the t-shirt

The beau and I have been working hard this year on getting healthier.

We were getting up at 5am.  Going to the gym.  Running outside.  Lifting weights. Training for the 5K.  The beau was looking at crossfit every day and coming up with a new intense workout for us.  Ugh.

It was good, but also frustrating because as we have learned over and over and over again, you can be as active as ever, but if you still east like crap, you’re still gonna feel like crap.  Oh, the woes of being a foodie.  Those pounds and inches you had hoped would be gone by now are still lingering around like nasty little mosquitos.

Ewww…I hate mosquitoes.  But that’s another story for another day.

So, we were planning on running a 5K on May 29th.  We were planning a staycation that week prior and were confident we’d be good to go. About three weeks prior, we even went out to the place the 5K was being held and ran it JUST to ensure that neither of us would pass out.  We ran it and were feeling good.  Confidence was boosted and life was good.  We had a crazy week the week after our “trial run” as we were putting an offer on the house and it was graduation weekend at work.  Our time hitting the pavement was rare and I was pretty worried to be honest about the 5K.

Fast forward to Friday, May 21st.  Mom ends up in the hospital.  That Monday, we’re driving to VA.  We spend that week with Mom in the hospital and eating really tasty (but not good for you) food in Charlottesville.  We return on Thurdsay. The 5K was scheduled for Saturday.

We wake up early that Saturday.  I feel like crap.  I honestly had only ran once since our trial 5K.  We put on our running clothes. I’m certain to wear my Duck Shirt (my Monday work out shirt that always makes me smile).  We were already bummed that we wouldn’t be getting a shirt (since we hadn’t pre-registered due to the craziness of our lives).  Putting on my shoes I just thought–I really can’t do this.  We had ran the 5K three weeks prior.  It wasn’t a issue of if we could do it.  We had done it.  Granted, it wasn’t on race day, with an official timer and a free t-shirt involved, but we did run it.

Did we make it out to the official race?  Nope. Were we disappointed?  Absolutely.  We actually vowed we would not even talk about it unless others asked.  (So, I’m not really sure why I’m writing this post).

But I am.

I’m writing because we need some help.  Those curve balls life threw us totally knocked us off course.  Now, we are super exhausted almost constantly either due to late nights of studying, working on the house or packing.

But we must do our best to get healthier regardless of these factors.

I’m going to yoga at least once a week (sometimes twice)  and Cardio Sculpt once a week on the nights Lew stays in Maysville.  The runs in the morning or after work have subsided due to working on the hacienda, although I hope to get out and go for a walk or bike ride a few times a week.

So, for all you folks out there (especially you Mom’s who have gotten back into shape), please share your tips on incorporating fitness and altering your diet during the busy times in life!


3 thoughts on “We ran the 5K, just didn’t get the t-shirt

  1. I keep a calendar and put stickers or smiley faces on the days that I exercise. If I am really busy, I park higher in the parking garage and take the stairs throughout the day at work. That helps a little. I also have a couple of 10 minute/20 minute videos that are designed to be a quick fix so that I do something; I think keeping the habit is sometimes more important than how much you’re doing. Good luck!

    • Thanks Susan! I love the idea of just keeping the habit versus being caught up on what or how much I’m doing. Definitely going to remember that this week and have a goal of doing SOMETHING each day!

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