It’s good to be loved.

Sometimes I think life has a funny way of teaching us those valuable lessons that could very easily go “unnoticed” if we weren’t  being open to listening to what life (and God) is trying to say to us through the seemingly mundane.

I also have realized that sometimes the “mundane” lessons in life come through the people God places in our lives.  Now, I know this isn’t rocket science, but just hear me out for a second.

I’m confident that there is an interweaving of paths that cross your life–some of those paths are more prominent at differing times, others have a consistent presence.  If you think about what that would look like as a woven fabric, some colors will be very dominant.  Your family.  Mom and Dad.  The life-long friends that you can go months without REAL communication, but the minute you pick up the phone, or walk into your favorite restaurant for lunch, nothing has changed.

There are also those folks who are in life for a season.  Good Lord, how I hated hearing about this growing up.  “Now those friends may not last.”  “Your college friends, they’ll be the ones that you have good memories with, but don’t count on keeping in touch.” Ugh.  How my heart ached at those statements.  Partially because I just wanted to beat the odds and prove someone wrong (is that a red-head tendency I see rearing it’s head?) but moreover, because my heart has always longed for that true lasting connection with others (and that tendency, I believe we all share).  Now sure, it’s a little impossible to think that you’ll keep in touch with all your friends throughout the years.  But chalk it up to being an only child or what have you, I’ve always taken friendships seriously, invested a lot in them, and often have had my heart broken by them.

God has designed us to crave connection, community, and communion with others.  We aren’t meant to live this life alone.  The next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some stories of how community and people have rocked my world lately. As I mentioned, we have had a lot of exciting things happening, but also, honestly, the past month has been hard. I have had more than a few breakdowns (thankfully I have a wonderful hubs who calms me instantly just by being near). I’ve needed people.  I’ve seen what it does to walk into a hospital room with someone by your side, versus alone.  I’ve also had the fortune of being able to bless others lives with that community. That is an even greater feeling–to know you are standing in the gap when someone needs it.  What a beautiful way to be used by our Creator.

I hope that you’ll share some of your own stories of how people have changed you, your circumstances and what your fabric is looking like these days.  Mine is a beautiful mixed tapestry with lots of colors and honestly, it looks a little disheveled, but it is beautiful nonetheless (my affinity for the disheveled is not a new thing).  My prayer today is that you have someone to walk with into the dark rooms of your life.


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