Moving to Paris…

…Paris, Ky that is. That’s right.  As of June 10th, Lewie and I purchased a house in downtown Paris.  It is CRAZY to me that we are homeowners!  We have a lot in front of us as far as renovations go, but a little elbow grease and a TON of memories will be had, I have no doubts! A little background…

Once upon a time, there were two youngsters who were interested in saving a little money and purchasing a home.  I know, I know…you might think it crazy to think that purchasing a home would actually save you money, but these kids had some sound advice (and also cringed each month writing the rent check).  They were not smitten with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  Urban sprawl and an upscale neighborhood did nothing for these two.

However, an older home with 6-inch moldings on the door frames and windows as well as quite a bit of a backyard would have suckered them right in.  And the quaint elegance of being downtown in one of central Kentucky’s most charming little towns would have sent them over the edge.  But there was no way with their fortune of house hunting their dreams would ever come true.

Their Glenda of the North, came in the form of One-Kelly-Realtor and boy oh boy was this couple thankful for her.  Although I’m sure she felt the young stargazers were completely mad, she diligently drove around to-and-fro, carting her own young lad and lass with her from time to time.  The young lass would dance around with her bride barbie doll and the lad snooze way while One-Kelly-Realtor kept her fingers crossed that something would come up. The couple visited home after home and it seemed as though they were cursed….or blessed?  They were cursed that each home they visited, almost instantaneously would be sold to someone else.  On several occasions, they were not even able to move from expressing interest in a home to actually visiting it before it would sell.

One day, the youngsters found this lovely little home and it seemed a little too good to be true.  The price was right.  The location was right.  The home surprisingly had some land and had a lot of original features to the home’s construction–around 100 years ago.  Could it be true?  Would this be the one?

After some questions, meetings, a few signatures, working with the letter carrier, more meetings, memos, a few more signatures, working with the letter carrier again, and a few more memos, the youngsters had purchased their first home!

Anyway….we are THRILLED and are very excited to be starting this new chapter of our life together.  The house needs quite a bit of work, but most of it is cosmetic.  I’ll be learning a lot about wallpaper removal and painting, while the Beau will get to try his hand refinishing floors.  Our goal is to move in around 6 weeks. Needless to say, we. will. be. busy.

But this is a good busy.  We’ve had a couple of days working on the house since we closed and although I’m extremely exhausted by the time my head hits the pillow, it’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.  Being in the same house with the Beau, working hard in the humid Kentucky summer, both of us putting our blood, sweat and tears into this thing is magical (literal on two counts so far–I’ll let you guess).

So, I’ll be posting a weekly update for you with some pictures to keep everyone up to date on the progress.

Our House


5 thoughts on “Moving to Paris…

  1. Faith! I love it! It looks super roomy and like it has so much potential. You will have it ship shape and cozy in no time. You made that tiny apartment in good ole Sharp a home and this has sooo much more to work with. Fun times!

    • Kim–
      You are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by! We are super excited and I know we’ll have lots of great memories and stories to share. We’ll definitely be updating photos, so don’t be a stranger.

  2. Yay! Faith I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to see the progress on the house. 🙂 have fun working on it.

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