I’m Faith and welcome to my cozy little corner!  I’m so glad you decided to tag along with me on this journey. Thanks for coming over!  Grab a cup of coffee (or Diet Coke–I won’t judge) and let me tell you just a little about myself.

Growing up in Southwest Virginia, I was very fortunate to have a little family and big family–Mom was a single parent doing the absolute best to raise me (and she is my hero for doing so) all the while, I was most definitely influenced by her 6 sisters, one brother, amazing grandparents and tons of in-laws and cousins (shew!).  I learned SO much growing up.  Frugality, cooking, being creative–you had to do it all as an only child of a single parent.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world though.

My Sweet Mama and I

I fondly remember taking trips in grandma and grandpa’s camper, going on walks with my aunts (and the year CL and I got lost….in the woods….in the snow!), the huge garden my grandparents tended every year, hearing and seeing all the sewing projects and crafts my aunts and grandma were making (and I was receiving as gifts) and leaving notes for Santa on years Christmas Eve would find us at grandma and grandpa’s for devotions, the live nativity (and raiding the linen closet for towels to wear around our head).  I didn’t want Santa to forget me!  As a child I didn’t necessarily realize the impact these small things made on me, but looking back, they are all glaring at me every day–eating local foods, being healthy and active, loving the outdoors and travel, DIY projects.  All the things that I love to do now have something to do with that family of mine (including the need to organize. Hey–with 8 kids you HAD to be organized or someone got left behind or did not get their shoes shined for church on Saturday night).

That family loves loud and hard and has taught me so much about life and unconditional love.  Mom was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was in the 4th grade and I’ve seen her suffer more than anyone would want to see their parent suffer at such a young age.  I’ve also seen resolve, courage, perseverance and faithfulness out of her like nothing I’ve ever known.  Our family has stood beside Mom and supported her so much–I’m incredibly proud to be a Griffith!  I was pushed in my younger days to go out and make something of my life and get out of our little small town. And that I did–traveling to Tennessee for college and loving it so much I stayed for graduate school.  Not only did that love bring graduate school my way, but it nurtured my vocation–a calling as I see it to work with college students.  Six years ago, I found myself driving to the Bluegrass state venturing out into a new landscape and boy has it been a ride.

Me and The Beau

I do love Kentucky.  I recently married the love of my life (affectionately refered to as The Beau) and I am LOVING married life.  I also am learning a lot about balance (can I get an “amen”!).  I love my career–the students I work with, being able to use the skills I’ve learned as well as gifts and talents that are innate to me.  I also love my life outside of that career.  Marriage sits well with me.  I love making our house a home and am very excited about the new one we just purchased (you’ll definitely be hearing more about that).  I can’t wait to try new recipes and eat locally and figure out the best way to manage our household (even the cleaning schedule and budgeting.  Well…maybe not budgeting).  I get energized by reading up on things other newlyweds are doing, recipes fellow foodies are trying out, figuring out where our next weekend trip will take us. (yes, go on and say it–you are a nerd!)

Like I mentioned, we just bought a house, but we’ve also got a lot of other new and exciting (and challenging) things going on in life.  Mom’s gotten a new diagnosis of Rheumatoid Vasculitis and I’m trying to figure out how I can best support her long distance.  The Beau is following his dreams of going back to school to become a nurse (I am SO proud of him), so he’s studying pretty much all the time we aren’t renovating the house.  Oh, and the house…it is going to be a beauty, but we have our work cut out for us on the renovation. Thankfully the Beau is a hard worker, has an incredible family who is helping us out and we enjoy a lot of DIY projects (can I say “thank you creative genes!”)  We also are major foodies in recovery trying to figure out a way to get healthier so we can have a sustainable life for little kiddos that will come along one day.

Thanks for joining me!

So that’s it in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoyed your coffee (and maybe refill?  I know…I can get a little chatty from time to time) and will come back to visit.  From house updates, to new recipes; our get healthy plan to the latest way to be more sustainable, you’ll find a little of everything around here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome!!!

  1. Faith, you continue to impress me with your love for your family, for life and your deep faith. Your are a great writer and really should consider doing so professionally. The descriptions of life when you were young were vivid and made me homesick for those times, but a nice “sick”. Blessings on you and yours and I’ll look forward to hearing more about the house, er, home. Love, Aunt Donna

  2. Faith — this blog post is perfect! it is totally “you” in a nutshell! Thanks for sharing with us and I can’t wait to read more and continue to journey alongside of you (via internet). 🙂

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