The office “remodel”

As much as any of us love our jobs, sometimes you just get to a place where a little change does you good.  My choice of “change” came in re-arranging my office.  It had been the same way for as long as I remember….the entire 2 years I’ve been here and also including the other two folks who occupied it before me.

This change was sparked after (finally) getting a new laptop for my student assistant to replace the decrepit desktop that would not even log on to the internet it was so slow. In wanting to create a more open and inviting feel with the student assistant desk facing the door, we had to change some things around.

The Before from the door:

And the after from the door:

From the back (before):

And after:

Now two of my favorite things–the student assistant area:

And my new desk/home:

There are things I love about both and things I miss about the former, but I REALLY enjoy having a more open space for students to come in and chat and a more defined “work area” in the back for many of the projects we’ll tackle this summer.

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