A new day…

It’s hard to admit this, but there is something about a Monday that I really enjoy.

I know, I know.  Shocking.

Seriously though, although I LOVE weekends and REALLY love Sundays, (especially as of late– they have become even more special–sacred even) something about the newness of a Monday is so appealing to me.  It’s the fresh start.  The turning of a the page of my work journal  in which I record phone calls, student needs and “to-do’s”  to a VERY clean page.  Looking at this week’s blank pages gets me excited about the possibilities of what that little book may hold.

As you may have inferred from my last post (or lack of posts) there has been a lot going on in my head and in my heart lately.  A lot of it came together for me last night in our Sabbath reading–realizing apart of this longing and unsettled feeling is God drawing me to himself.  It’s that deep calling to deep.   It’s the unsetteledness of the past few weeks and their lack of schedule, lack of discipline and lack of true communion with God and others that I have found myself in this place. A place of questioning and reflection; intention and purpose.

I am thankful for a God who loves me.  Who wants to change me.  Who wants to take the blank pages of my life and fill them with people and students who need care, love, an advocate and allow me the privilege to fill that role for them.

So on this Monday, I’m sitting with my journal open, and more importantly, my heart open.  I’m waiting on God to reveal to me his work for me today and excited about the inner change that has taken place in me to be able to receive it.


One thought on “A new day…

  1. This is such a beautiful post — both your own transparency and the parallel that we all could use in our lives. I join you in turning a new page this morning (a literal one in my planner that is), but also in making more time to watch God fill it with things, people, places that He has designated for me to be! Happy Monday!

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