I’m sitting in a quiet morning at the house, void of clanking pans that usually have already come and gone by this time a the hubs has typically fixed a yummy breakfast.

Thursday mornings have a sense of calm…Lew’s in Maysville breaking up his work-week drive, being with the people who have meant so much into his life–the family, Parker, a friend from out of town who may have been coming through.  I typically have the desire to wake up early and get in some exercise, but somehow each week, my body needs rest.

This morning is no different.  I do have a bit of time as I’m heading to a conference thus giving me a little extra time around the house this morning.  Time to sit and be.  To think.  To dream.  Lew and I have been doing lots of that lately and it makes me so happy.  Filling my inner need for being futuristic and dreaming.

It’s my SoulFood


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