Shaking things up…

It’s been a crazy week. A tough week, but I’m so reminded of living life to the fullest.

There are two women in my church whom I know VERY loosely that were diagnosed with breast cancer this year.  I will not go into their details, but they are strong, young mothers, one of whom was expecting her third daughter at the time.  She was diagnosed shortly after finding out she was expecting.   I’ve been praying for these women and keeping up with their respective stories via their CaringBridge Sites.

Little Lucia was welcomed into the world on February 10th and I had to post a portion of what was put on their  site today.  I hope that I can be this strong and resilient in all of life’s challenges and struggles that may come my way.

I have a hard time articulating or putting my finger on exactly what has happened to our family since we embarked on this journey.  We have realized we are not in control.  That was a harsh realization, but a necessary one for our future.  We like to have some commotion (diversion) as we take on the coming year.  In many ways, this is one of the blessings that come from cancer.  We have begun to take more chances in life.  Cancer has made us want to shake things up.  To keep on keepin’ on.  Not over a fear of dying, but over a fear of not living.

Each day, life can be an adventure full of beautiful distractions.  Our time on earth is brief, so get after it!


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