Thoughts on Lent

So yesterday ended up being full of thoughts about Lent. Discussions with friends, the hubs, reading several blogs upon the topic, some of which were outstanding and truly encapsulated how I’m feeling about the whole thing. Am I going to give something up?  Yes.  But more importantly, I’m taking something on.

Lent isn’t about denial, it’s about transformation.

It’s not so much about self-sacrifice, but looking at ways you can grow, change, be transformed so that upon the day of Resurrection, you are looking at a refined image of yourself.  Not by your own power or might, but by the power of the Resurrected Christ.  For some of us, “giving up” something doesn’t refine us, it just makes us cranky and irritable and someone no one wants to be around (aka: giving up coffee for lent).  I don’t think that’s the point.

So, I suppose that the point IS more of one of my previous suggestions–to take something on.  To take on a more positive attitude.  To take on being more charitable towards others.  To take on sending a card (or e-card, in light of being more sustainable) to a co-worker each day.  Take on a daily gratitude journal.

So, I AM “giving up” my blackberry in a sense.  I realized that I am way too attached to it, having it nearby constantly when home in the evenings or weekends.  So during these 40 days, when I come home, the blackberry’s going by my nightstand not to be touched unless I truly NEED to use it–to call someone or text someone for info.  Not to mindlessly check facebook and twitter while missing great quality time with my husband.

What am I taking on?  Lewie and I both decided to take on at least 30 minutes of solitude a day filled with scripture reading and quiet meditation. Going into separate rooms, with no distractions. I do my best to have my quiet time each morning, but typically, there’s music in the background, Lew’s fixing breakfast, and I’m not really open to what God might be trying to speak to me.  Plus, my level of scripture reading really needs to be stepped up.

I hope that the next 40 days will be quite refreshing for you, if you’ve decided to give something up or not.  Take the time to breath in a few moments of clarity each day–you’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Lent

  1. Faith! Right on. You vocalized what I have been processing the past week. And the article you found… what a perfect way to describe this season. A season of transformation…. that is the way that we will truly celebrate Christ’s sacrifice.

    You and Lew are amazing examples to follow 🙂 praying for you two on your season of Lent.

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