Trader Joe’s

I’ve been wanting to visit a Trader Joe’s for some time.  After doing some research on recipes and such, it seemed EVERYONE was doing their shopping there.  Since the closest one is in Cincinnati, we made a date day of it and BOY was it worth it!

#1: It was a lot smaller than I thought.  It’s just like a neighborhood market.  You know, the kinds that used to exist before the super-stores.  There was SUCH a variety of foods, a few “popular” brands but mostly, overwhelmingly mostly, was the Trader Joe’s brand.

#2: It was pretty simple–there were some things I was looking for that didn’t exist but it was almost refreshing NOT to find them.  Kinda of like–“you want this in a can, but really go a few aisles over and get the REAL thing”

#3: There was a much larger freezer section with TONS of food.  It was REALLY crowded in there and I”m not sure if that’s the norm or not (it was a Sunday and SUPER BOWL Sunday at that), but there were so many options, many of which were Vegan or Gluten free. Crazy.  Again, we didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d hoped in that section as it was SO crowded, but did get an awesome find of frozen avocado and my fav–cilantro cubes–tiny baby ice cube like trays filled with cilantro!  How ingenious.  They also had garlic and basil.

#4: The prices were ridiculous!  In a good way!  We’ve been eating our cage-free eggs and paying upwards of $3.69  a dozen.  Trader Joes?  $1.99!!!  I’m thinking this is going to have to become a monthly visit!  I loved this place!!!

#5: There were some GREAT overall finds!  Trail mixes that don’t include M-n-M’s, dried fruit galore, au  natural fruit strips (think fruit roll-ups), CHEAP coffee and wine, Natural Salsas, Sunflower Seed Butter (haven’t tried this yet, but can’t wait–also all over Paleo bogs).  All in a all, a GREAT trip and we WILL be back (with a cooler next time for eggs and organic milk–oh yeah, that was MUCH cheaper too!)!!!


3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s

  1. Neat! I had no idea there was a Trader Joe’s in Cincinnati… we’ll have to go next time we’re up there!
    I’ve been to the one in San Francisco and it was amazing… I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. okay, allow me (a regular – been twice this week) to tell you some of our favorites for you to try:
    i saw the snappy crisp (we should buy stock in these, xander LOVES along with me)

    their pizza dough is 99 cents and amazing. i don’t make my own anymore and never will.

    we love their chinese food (it is a splurge for us) but the frozen mandarin chicken and fried rice if you need a not healthy day is great.

    frozen veggies and blueberries (organic and so cheap) we used when making little man’s baby food and will with keegan too.

    pomegranete limeade – our summer drink of choice.

    the cat cookies that come in a tub (usually over frozen foods) are low fat cookies and a great snack. also the letter cookies and animal cookies – all not bad in fat as a snack.

    my dad loves their balsamic vinegar – i get it for him when i am going to ky.

    oh my faith, the list could go on and on. their milk and stuff you mentioned is so much better for you and so cheap. oh, their version of cheese puffs with like 1/3 of the fat of cheetos are pretty good. oh and the honey wheat pretzel sticks are wonderful! okay, i’m done for now, i’ll get back to you when i go in like a day or so 🙂 jk. love you!!! viv

  3. oh, their hummus, i can’t forget that. it’s stellar. their romaine lettuce is pretty cheap too and great. okay, i’m really done now. oh, fish sticks if you eat those.

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