It’s a beautiful morning.

The snow was a beautiful calming way to start this Tuesday–IF you could sit in and watch the flakes fall while sipping a cup of coffee next to a fireplace and your favorite book or journal.  That’s where I wish I was right now.  Instead, I was sliding all over the road, honking my horn, praying I would make it in.  I did and now I’m in my warm little office  staring at the computer (book/journal?) with my battery powered candle (fireplace?) and my cup of green tea (coffee?).

However, please don’t take this as complaining.  Life is good.  VERY good.

Yesterday was one of those Mondays that comes and you wonder why you dread Mondays if they all could be like this one.  You know, your outfit is just right, you get to do a lot of the things in your job that really energize you, you complete ALL the items on your to-do list for the day.  Not only that, but when you get home, your dinner turns out near perfectly, you get several household chores done that weren’t even on your list, you have great quality time with your husband.  And on top of all this yummy goodness, it’s the first day you completely knock out your standards getting 100%!  That’s right.  It was one of those Mondays I’m just shaking my head in awe at.

Life is good.  Don’t forget it.


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