Fascinating Love

As little kids, fascination is at an all-time high.  There is an amount of curiosity and wonder that happens every day.

Where does that all go?

I feel at times we stroll through life without a care to the wonder that is around us.  As trite a statement as it may be, we let life roll right by us without stopping to appreciate the beauty that it has for us.

Yesterday, Lewie and I took advantage of the warmer temps and no precipitation and took a stroll at the Scott County Park. It’s a nice park in town with many more trails than we imagined and we’ll definitely be back.  We strolled over to the pond to take a look at the ducks and we discovered this:

The picture isn’t the best quality as it was taken with my phone, but those ducks are standing upon the frozen water.  I’m honestly not sure why, but this just fascinated me.  And with that, I realized that I couldn’t remember the time I had last been truly fascinated.  Some would like to believe it was when I saw Avatar (an okay movie in my–a non science-fiction fan’s-mind, but a movie that must be seen in 3D), or maybe seeing a newborn baby, but no for me it was these ducks.

I pray this week that God will open my eyes to the wonders of his creation and his own handiwork in my life in the day-to-day stuff I get too busy to truly appreciate for what it is.  His love toward me alone is simply fascinating.


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