Good friends…

There is nothing like getting together with friends to try out a new restaurant, right?

Seriously, the comfort and privilege of settling into a seat, pulling up next to someone who knows you, your triumphs and struggles, you share the same humor and are encouraged by similar things.

Last night this just happened to take place at a new sushi restaurant in Lexington-School.  The restaurant is a combination of  Japanese and French cuisine and stands out with it’s conveyor belt of sushi.

We all went the route of sushi and I must say it was quite tasty and very affordable!  The rolls are a little smaller (specialty rolls 2-4 pieces and other rolls 4-6 pieces) and range in price from $2.75 to $6.00.  We always go for a couple of standards (California, Philadelphia, shrimp tempura) and add a few newbies.  I really enjoyed the crunch & munch roll and the fire scallop roll.   They were both good, but my favorite would be the crunch & munch and shrimp tempura. All of our rolls were four pieces and the presentation was outstanding.  We also had the steamed edamame for an appetizer and it was SO GOOD!  Super hot and steamed just right.

I would recommend that if you have a group of 5 or more, you call to reserve a larger table.  There are mostly booths and then a bar by the conveyor belt.  That was my only minor complaint–the seating.

If you’re looking for a good night out with friends over some good sushi, School is your place.

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