It’s been 10 days…

Well, it’s been 10 days.  10 days since we all rang in the new decade.  10 days for most of us meant settling back into a work routine, dealing with VERY cold temps and snow, and trying to stay on top of those resolutions.

I have a list of goals on my blog that I keep up all year long.  The intent is to revisit them more often than I would if just in a “normal” post.  We’ll see how that really works out.  One thing I’ve found though is that accountability really is key to making any goal or resolution stick.

In the effort of full disclosure, here’s my list I posted this past week:

  • Floss daily at least every other day (baby steps…I know…ridiculous, but something I struggle with)
  • Run AT LEAST 1 5K in 2010 (will be registering for one soon to have a TANGIBLE goal)
  • Read 24 books this year.
  • Write SOMETHING (journal, a blog, a card to someone) every day.
  • Learn to CHILL out when “bad” things happen (my red-headed tendencies seem to raise their ugly little head from time to time…so thankful for such a patient husband).
  • Cultivate a HEALTHY lifestyle for myself and our (one day) family–be more active,  eat healthier & more local foods, read more than I watch TV or movies.

Many of our goals and resolutions this time of year involve getting healthier.  Since so many of us have this goal–why not hep each other out?  I’ve found some valuable tools to help me along the way some of which the Beau and I are incorporating. Maybe some of these will help you.

  • Jake Has Standards–the beau pointed me to this link.  Jake, the founder of Vimeo, has these standards and he blogs them.  Something the beau and I are thinking of doing.  We have come  up with our own “standards” list and will start those this week.  We have noticed with multiple things in our life, just how easy it is to stay undisciplined and lazy.  Hopefully this will help.
  • In the idea of blogging to chart  your progress, some friends of ours have done just that.  Sara and Patch are getting healthy in 2010 and inviting their friends to join them via a blog to chart their progress. Maybe your goal is to run a 5K or not drink as much alcohol or use as many cuss words.  Blogging is a great  method of accountability.
  • Another way blogs can be of assistance is to find a gym or progam and see if they blog.  Maybe you can’t afford to go to the gym or it’s not in your town, but chances are, there are some free resources out there, such as the Thin & Healthy Blog.
  • The Biggest Loser–okay, so yes, it’s a reality TV show in which these people’s JOBS are to work out and lose weight.  They are going to do it at a faster pace than most of us are.  BUT, it still can be motivational.  You can still learn tips from the trainers regarding food choices and workout plans.  AND if you chose to exercise yourself during the commercials, it becomes a great little inspirational/productive combo!

Whatever your goals are for 2010, let’s do this TOGETHER!

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