Refine Me…

It’s been an interesting week to say the least.  First week back at the office after a week and a half off; snow in the bluegrass, friends staying at our place.  Needless to say it hasn’t been quite a “normal” week for us.  It has been good, it has been filled with lessons and tidbits of life showing up in ways you wouldn’t have expected.  It has been harsh.  Real.  In your face.  Lovely.  Merciful.  I’ve seen a lot of my on frailty in humanity as I’ve looked in the mirror.  I’ve seen someone I hope does submit her own will to her Savior to meet these goals. I’ve seen someone who needs to be more compassionate.  Someone who needs to chill out when minor things happen rather than freak out.  I’ve been reminded that we all have challenges.  That life is complicated.

Also what I’m reminded of is that we all are in the same boat.  I recently had the opportunity at work to be apart of a group who gathered responses to whether or not a poster of Tiger Woods should be removed on our campus.  The poster was included in a series of posters around campus featuring different “Leaders of Diversity.”  Tiger’s quote was about being a role model.  Many folks could not see why we would leave the poster up as it does not reflect our values as an institution.  Others quoted scriptures regarding forgiveness and “casting the first stone.”  What a task we were given.

After much discussion and passionate responses, it was decided to leave his poster up with a small framed explanation beside it.  What do we want to be known for as an institution?  A campus that says which sins are worse than others (there is also a poster of Serena Williams up) or a college that extends graciousness and has visible reminders of just how frail and human we are?

As much as I personally was om the fence with this decision (the quote about beng a role model just really burned me), I am so glad we decided to go this route.  I would hope that if someone were exaiming my life on weeks as the one I’ve had, they would still love me, they would still choose to look into my life as a work in progress–someone God is most certainly not finished refining and they would leave my picture up on their fridge.


4 thoughts on “Refine Me…

  1. i actually just took your picture down, but no worries, it went into my 2009 scrapbook. whew, right, you were worried. faithers, love this post. saw myself in lots of the descriptions, needing to chill out over small things, etc. i’m glad i didn’t yell when xander spilled his juice twice during one meal this am, for then i went into the kitchen and spilled it worst of all. God has a way of teaching, molding and reminding us that we are all frail, all fail but he continues to love us anyhow. love you – v

  2. What a great reminder Faith that we all have done things in our lives that we’re not proud of and that God forgave us just as He can forgive Tiger. There’s no bigger time in our lives that we need grace than when we sin. Sometimes extending grace can even be the catalyst that draws us back to God. I fully believe that Tiger can be redeemed and then his poster may one day be an inspiration to others who fall reminding them to repent, seek grace and get back up and try again. Its so interesting that a college even has to vote and have a discussion about his poster. The interesting thing is that all of the other people in the posters probably have experienced sin that just may not be as public as Tiger’s.

  3. Exactly! That was my one point in our discussion–I don’t think we can rightfully take Tiger’s down unless we start investigating every single person on those posters, which I didn’t think was necessary. Again, we ALL are failures and although our sins may not be as public as Tiger’s they are all SINS nonetheless. Ones we need God’s constant grace and forgiveness for.

  4. Interesting convo Faithy. I’d love to hear more about it soon! It reads as if the conversation appeared to have turned away from Tiger and more towards the people in the discussion.

    Does taking down a picture of Tiger quoting the importance of role models (at this point in time) really condemn you as being judgemental? Versus just making a statement of what’s acceptable given an individuals known actions? If it does, why not start adding posters such as Bill Clinton supporting fidelity? Michael Vick rallying for PETA? Or Charlie Sheen condemning domestic violence? I’d suggest the last three have about the same supporting actions for those causes as Tiger does right now regarding role modeling.

    Food for thought. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the “we’re judging” feelings when taking a stand on what’s acceptable or not. True, we’re all sinners and some much more discreet than others. But is it impossible to support or love someone who’s so openly sinned without putting them on a public pedestal to prove you’re not being judgemental?

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