Happy 2010.

Where were you on New Year’s Eve?  Wherever it was, I hope that you had a wonderful time.  I hope that you spent it with people who you love and who love you.  I hope your celebration reflected you and the wonderful person and creation that you are.  Maybe you were at home with family for a quiet evening of watching the Times Square ball drop.  Maybe you were at your favorite spot with your favorite people and as some strangers as well.  Maybe you stayed in with your closest friends, played games and had an ugly sweater contest.  Maybe you traveled to a nearby city, got all dolled up and took advantage of the great band, amazing food and drinks and the 20,000 balloons that dropped at midnight.  Wherever you found yourself, remember that you were there. YOU brought in 2010 and YOU will make 2010.

What happened on New Years Day?  I’ve heard it said that what you do on that day reflects your year ahead.  Did you sleep until noon?  Did you go home to a quiet house after a loud night out and escape all sense of what happened the night before?  Did you lay in bed with your significant other laughing and reading and being silly?  Did you watch football all day and be completely lazy? Maybe you went to the grocery to provide for your little family–even if it doesn’t sound glamorous, that is beautiful to me.

What is 2010 going to bring for you?  For many of our friends, it’s a new bundle of joy into their households.  We look forward to being able to celebrate these new little lives from friends close and far away.  Maybe 2010 will bring you love and friendship.  Perhaps travel?  Maybe you’ll end up in Hawaii or NYC (maybe we’ll end up there?) Maybe you’ll fly.  Maybe a cabin in the mountains will call your name.

What are you going to do for 2010?  Maybe you’ll get healthy.  Maybe begin volunteering on a regular basis.  Maybe one of those resolutions was to make a phone call to a long lost relative or friend.  Hopefully whatever things you decide to do for 2010 they will be of eternal value.  The Beau and I began watching Gladiator earlier today (before someone had to take a nap ;)) and I was glad to catch the phrase before I dozed off “what we do in life will echo in eternity.”  Maybe it’s that decision to get healthier so that when you join the ranks of friends having babies, you’ll be healthy enough for the pregnancy and life with them once that’s over.  Maybe it’s to stop cursing so you are a good example to those kiddos. Maybe it’s to get your hands dirty with folks who are down and out and realize that it’s only by the grace of God you aren’t right there with them.

Happy New Year friends.  I look forward to our journey this next year together.  I love being able to keep up with friends who live just down the street or across the country via these wonderful pages.  To each of you, I pray 2010 brings you health, happiness joy and much peace.




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