Happy December 31st….

Good morning.  I’m sitting here in our lovely little home, loving the look of the white Christmas lights that are strewn everywhere debating when to get up to get my second cup of coffee.  It’s quiet, I know there is life going on outside these four walls, but I am completely oblivious. Oh the life…. (coffee beckons).

December 31st, otherwise known as New Year’s Eve, is one of my absolute favorite times of the year.  Growing up, you might have said that it was the thrill and romance of the night–being able to kiss someone at the stroke of 12, staying up til midnight.  I have always longed for exciting NYE plans, but most often have found myself with Mom in front of the TV watching the NYC ball drop.

Well, my friends, although Lewie and I have been through 2 NYE’s, this will be the first one that we will be TOGETHER and I will get that peck (I do hope it’s a bit more than a peck.  I saw on The Today Show yesterday that most NYE kisses are only 1 second long!)

I think another reason it is one of my favorites is the putting away old and looking toward the new.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being home this week and count EVERY SECOND a blessing as I know many (including the beau) who are out there working this week.  However, I have loved getting to reorgainze closets and the garage, being domestic and doing laundry all day and getting our home ready for 2010.  After a few days of being a stay at home wife, I’ve decided I really like it.  And maybe one day (once there are kids around also) I would really like being a stay at home Mom.  These little breaks give me a tiny glimpse into what the future could hold.  But as one of the biggest lessions I have learned in 2009–you can’t always plan what will happen in 5 years.  NYE (and NY) gives us (planners) a bit of an excuse to look toward the future with no regret, no wandering eye to why you are “planning”–everyone is doing it (for the most part).

So here’s to you, the planner, the indecisive one; the “Type-A”, Mr. Laid back; the futuristic thinker with the three month strategic plan and the one who is not sure what they’re doing for lunch, much less for the next 3 months.  We each have our purpose in life.  If I’ve learned anything in 2009, it’s that sometimes we need each other.  The planner needs the husband who in an instant can say–let’s take a weekend trip.  The laid back wife needs a husband who at times can think through long terms plans financially to buy a house, or plan for a family.

We each have our own places in this life and sometimes it’s pretty nice to find someone next to you who doesn’t share the same philosophy on planning as you might.  I have had a few friends who share my own love for planning and organization and when we get together–watch out!!! But it has been in my own marriage to a self-proclaimed laid back, non-planner that I have truly found what I think is a very healthy balance to my planning ways.  I have to plan a lot at the office, so my skills and gifts are still being used there, but the beau has really helped me relax and enjoy the ride–let the river take me where it will and know that in the meantime, I’m being taught a lot more by the waves and currents and wind than I ever could have planned to.

Whatever you are doing this New Year’s Eve, I hope that you are surrounded with people you love and that 2010 will be a year of growth (via planning or not), love, and joy for you and your family!

Signing off for 2009,


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