Need some motivation?

Lewie and I recently got ours….hopefully this will help you out to be “good” during the holiday season while still enjoying the festivities.  Now, I’m not saying to eat nothing but carrots and spinach while everyone else indulges in the holiday treats that are ever so handy this time of year.  I’m saying figure out what your motivation is and start NOW!  Why wait for New Year’s for a “let’s get healthy” resolution!  Today is YOUR day to make a change!!

Working out and eating right isn’t hard, here is what’s hard:

Hard is getting winded going up a flight of stairs, or hurting your ankle walking to your car, or going to the hospital with ulcerative colitis, or having 3 pre-cancerous polyps removed before age 30.
Hard is finding a place to rest your hands when you’re at the ballgame – because your armrests are reserved for your abdomen.
Hard is having your 44” pants extended to 48”.
Hard is looking at pictures of yourself when you are 85 pounds overweight.
Hard is waking up in the middle of the night with stomach pain.
Hard is wondering if you have time to finish a cigarette on the way into the [fast food] restaurant.
Hard is dealing with all of the anxiety associated with the obvious need to lose so much weight.
Hard is wondering what people think of you.
Hard is wondering how you let yourself go for so long.
Hard is being the fat friend.
Hard is hearing you doctor call you ‘pre-diabetic’.
Hard is getting up every morning with back pain,
Hard is having to take Prilosec every day.
Hard is wondering if you are the reason you haven’t been able to have kids.
Hard is trying not to look fat.
Hard is wondering how young you’re going to be when you die.
Hard is dealing with smokers cough every morning.
Hard is wondering how long it’s going to take and being worried that you won’t stick with it.
Hard is dealing with embarrassment.
Hard is realizing you drink too much.
Hard is going swimming and leaving your t-shirt on.
Hard is poking an extra hole in your leather belt with a screwdriver.
Hard is bending over to tie your shoes when you’re obese.
Hard is realizing you have only yourself to blame.

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