Weekend Update

We had a pretty busy weekend, but considering we are headed to Virginia for a WEEK this afternoon, we were okay with that busy-ness!  🙂  That’s right.  We are taking some extra days and getting to spend the time in Virginia…let me just say, I am SO excited!

Friday night we attended a Pancake Dinner sponsored by Sigma Kappa and my, oh my…were those pancakes good!  Saturday, I was at the University of Louisville for a Careers in Student Affairs Conference sponsored by CPAK.  It was a great conference and I was so glad to see so many undergrads and graduate students interested in this profession.

Lewie hung out with a friend on Saturday while I was in Louisville and after I returned we had dinner and then played Trivial Pursuit.  Man, oh man.  I suck at that game.  I understand it’s a great game to play to increase your knowledge, but it just makes me feel really dumb.  Oh well, we had a good time (for the most part)  😉

Sunday was good singing at church and a “typical” lazy Sunday that included a little less laziness as we prepared for our trip to Virginia.

Not sure about the frequency of my posts while on a  mini-vacay, but we’ll see.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there…


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