Homemade Bread

Lewie and I have been trying our hand at homemade bread making.  Although I haven’t priced it out entirely, I’m fairly certain that it is cheaper than buying a loaf that is quite processed and doesn’t taste nearly as good as the homemade stuff does.  We’ve spent the past few Sunday afternoons baking two loaves which EASILY last us the week or more. Last night I tried my hand at baking with Whole Wheat Flour from a local mill (another plus) and it turned out okay.  I think in the future I’ll go with a more finely ground flour.

In additional to be fiscally responsible with the bread making, there’s this whole thing about having something to do with the making of your own food–that you had a hand (no pun intended) in what is going into your body, to keep your body from expiring.  Whether it be baking your bread, picking tomatoes off your vine, or whipping up your own salsa, or pesto, or pickles–YOU had something to do with it.  It is a rewarding feeling. I think it also fuels the creative side of Lewie and I to a degree.  Maybe we’ll venture out and do some crazy breads in the future.  For now, I’ll let creativity find Lew sauteing up some lime and red-pepper chicken for our breakfast burritos (yes–I’m spoiled by a hubby who fixes a hot breakfast every morning).

I’m also happy to be learning this trade because it is something that my Mom has always been great at and known for–I’m so proud to carry on this tradition with our family.


5 thoughts on “Bread

  1. Great post Faithie! We have a breadmaker that don’t use very often but I think you’ve inspired me to get it back out. I really enjoyed the process and how it makes the kitchen smell!

    And oh yeah, it is better than anything you can buy at the store!!!

  2. Faith, I am so proud of you and Lewie. I’m glad you didn’t give up on making the bread. It does take practice and from the picture, you both are getting the hang of it! Great job!!!

  3. can you post your bread recipe? i am currently making some wonderful banana bread, have done zucchini, but want just a normal bread for everyday use. haven’t found a good one… viv

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