Weekend Update

So we had a great weekend!  It was a little busy, but also allowed for great quality time with Lew and for us to have some good personal time and time with friends.

Friday night after attending the Phi Mu’s Spaghetti Dinner benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network, we went back home and began watching Friday Night Lights on DVD.  Lew had Netflixed the first few discs and we’re already half way through the second disk of season one.  It really is a great show, especially if you love football.  It’s simply good tv…a friend once said that Coach Taylor was the best example of a real man on TV, which is totally accurate.  Apparently I REALLY liked it, because I had a football dream in my sleep that night .  According to Lew, I woke up shouting “up the middle” around 5am.  I vaguely recall saying something, but all I really remember is Mark Richt being in the dream.  🙂

Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful fall days and we enjoyed a nice hike on Saturday at Raven’s Run in Lexington.  I sang in Andover this weekend for church so that occupied a lot of my time Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but we were still able to hang out with some friends Saturday evening and then enjoy a nice lunch on the patio yesterday and take in the Bengals win yesterday over the Ravens!

Lew is such a great husband!  When I got home from church yesterday, he had been working on lunch and knocked it out of the park.  I had instructions to go enjoy the sunshine on the patio while he finished up our stir fry rice and veggies with Pecan Encrusted Salmon!  Mmmmm…thankfully there was quite a bit of the “breading” leftover, so we’ll be enjoying that again soon!

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