Girls Nite!!!

About once a month, I get together for a great girls night with some friends from Vocal Team at Crossroads.  We all are around the same age, are all married (yay!  I can finally be added to that group!) and we share a passion for music and singing.

We rarely get to sing together, but this week, we all were at rehearsal last night and enjoyed dinner afterward.  It’s so great to have fun with these girls every month or so and catch up on the craziness of our lives.

Although we are in the same season of life, we are all at different points at the same time.  Akin to yesterday’s post, change happens–be it in the form of a new job, a new marriage, a vacation, etc.  It’s nice to come together and share stories, laughs, heartaches and know that at the end of the day, we’re just four girls who need some girl time every few weeks.

Oh–and the best part–they all sang at my wedding and it was B-E-A-utiful!



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