life is beautiful…don’t forget it.

I am loving married life! Things are going so well…the wedding was great and the honeymoon was super relaxing (Lewie is a great travel planner by the way). We spent two nights in downtown Savannah, two nights in downtown Charleston and then three nights at an AMAZING cabin outside of Asheville. We HIGHLY recommend the cabin if you’re needing/wanting a place to stay in that area. We sat on the porch for three days and drank coffee in these TINY little coffee cups the cabin provided. Our only job was to get up every 20 minutes or so to refill…it…was…great. We are now settling in to our day-to-day life together which is so fun.

Obviously for my few faithful readers you can see I haven’t been posting much but hope to get in a better routine of doing so. I’ll try and post some honeymoon pics. Wedding pics should be here soon!

Below is a song we heard one night on our honeymoon at a quaint little Italian restaurant in Charleston. We are reminded that life is precious as many of you know a friend of mine who I was an RD with at Lee University passed away at the young age of 37 yesterday due to complications with the H1N1 virus and Pneumonia. He leaves behind a Joanna –a stay at home mom with their two boys, McKaden (5) and Brenston (1), so life has dramatically changed for them. Please keep them in your prayers.

I know Joanna feels lucky to have been in love with her best friend.


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