Something old, something new…

My self-imposed deadline to have all wedding related tasks completed was July 31. August and September are crazy at work and then BAM–it’s October!

I was close to meeting my goal.  VERY close.

Just a few more things remain, but I do feel cool as a cucumber on where I am with the task list.

But there is that one thing.

Or four things.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

I have the new…quite a few new things, but on the rest, I’m faltering.  BIG TIME!

This is the one thing that I haven’t been that focused on accomplishing…just one of those traditions that has somewhat slipped my mind.  And since I’m a pretty non-traditional bride, it keeps slipping.  Unless I”m around a certain few friends who are more stressed about me having these four things than I am. (Love you girls!)


5 thoughts on “Something old, something new…

  1. Old- I tucked a beautiful old handkerchief of my great grandmothers into the wrapping around my bouquet.

    Borrowed- borrowed earrings

    Blue- my garter was blue

    good luck faith! I’m so impressed you have so much done 2 months out!

  2. I think most everyone has no trouble at all with the “new.”

    And most everyone I know does “blue” in their garter.

    Do you have all of your jewelry yet? That’s always a good “borrowed.”

    The old should be something sentimental from your mom or grandma. Does your grandmother have something maybe she used on her wedding day that she could lend you? When you’re getting ready to walk down the isle, you’ll be surprised what having something like that does to you…especially if it’s something that was present at the beginning of a long, tried and and true love affair that has resulted in your entire family.

  3. I did blue underwear (I suggest something super comfy as it is a long day to be trying to be sexy – save that for when you get out of the dress). I also did blue on my toenails. You could borrow toe nail polish. I borrowed a bracelet. You could also borrow a handkerchief. As for something old, that’s always a hard one…

  4. I am wearing Natalie’s earrings from her wedding and my mom’s diamond studs (a present from my grandmother years ago).

    I had a friend who wore blue shoes. I have blue eyes. I consider that close enough. 😉

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