The Beau’s taken to blogging…

Yep–that’s right.  After a few attempts, I think he’s finally caught the bug for real.  And BOY am I glad for that.  😉  I’ll be posting some about our amazing super-surprise date day soon, but just had to let you in on this little bit of love I got first thing Saturday morning.

Gather ’round kiddos, I’m going to tell you a story. On this my pre-super-secret-Saturday-date-day, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and a tad sensitive.  This is how a love story for the ages was born, told from the point of view of a somewhat self-obsessed and sensitive guy’s guy about a love that blossomed one pre-Christmas day:

Once upon a time, long ago… actually, it was a really, really long time ago, before you were all born…  two star-crossed lovebirds had met through a mutual friend named, The Internet.  Now, unbeknown to, The Internet, a chemical reaction beyond words was on the horizon.  Not one of those chemical reactions you see in chemistry classes either, where a magnesium strip is set ablaze and sparkles for a moment like the arc in welding.  Hmm, actually, maybe it would be more appropriate to use weld transfer there, I mean, it is more about compounding the wire and the puddle on the iron, which gives a pretty good little spark and bonds two… Yea, I’m getting nowhere quick.  Now, where was I?  Oh yea, right… a chemical reaction unlike magnesium or an arc, it could only be comparable to the splitting of an atom.  The young lady was obviously smitten from the beginning, I mean, we are talking about a pretty good looking dude here — not like super-good looking, I’m only human, I mean, he was only human.  The young man tried to play it cool but he secretly didn’t know whether to whisper in her ear or yell in her face, ‘The chemistry between us is about to blow up this place!’.  The initial meeting happened in a book store,  as Dewie moved toward the young lady she was playfully sifting through the fiction section because not only did it somewhat suit her fancy, she knew it would drive the young man wild.  Dewie came waltzing  up to Faye like a bronzed stallion on roller skates, more floating than walking really.  She could only stand in complete awe, his beard full and long; his un-balding head held its long mane of hair like the guys holding women on the covers of them fancy romance novels; all of this could only stand to drive even the simplest of women, b-a-n-a-nas.  Faye gazed up at Dewie with that oh so subtle, deer in the headlights look, and nearly fainted.

I’m sure you’re dying to read the rest of the story.  Click HERE to see the amazing talents of the Beau.

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