My mind as of late…

  • I am a woman of routine.  I LOVE my morning and evening routines.
  • Training for a 5K is hard.  Having the date down makes it even more scary… (March 28th–ACK!)
  • My  mom is one of the strongest people I’ve ever known.  She has endured so much pain throughout her life but always has a smile on.
  • Really enjoying reading “The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets (See the nightstand link above for more deets)
  • The Biggest Loser–I ABSOLUTELY love this season!  Most of you know I’m not the most competitive person, so the whole “game” idea makes me cringe a bit…I wished people didn’t get sent home, could just work their weight off and then split the grand prize based on their percentages…I have MANY other thoughts about this show (including my favorite contestant), so keep those eyes peeled for an update.
  • I do not know why I love Law and Order SVU….but I do.
  • I have a surprise date Saturday that I can’t WAIT for!  🙂

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