Quick Update

As in most things in life, there was good news and bad news.

The good news: Mom’s hearing in her right ear can be salvaged by a hearing aid and her dizziness controled and hopefully will soon disappear after balance therapy.

The bad news: There’s still no clear indication as to why her hearing has been lost.  Even worse, the length of time from the beginning of the problem to just now seeing the specialist has resulted in irreversable hearing loss in her left ear.  Nothing can be done to remedy it now or even the use of a hearing aid will not work.  If it had been found sooner, steroids could have helped.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers being sent Mom’s way.  They are greatly appreciated. I know my mom is glad to have some  answers–to not be looked at by a doctor who doesn’t have any answers whatsoever or make her feel like she’s going crazy.

I’m ESPCIALLY thankful to all my family who has been such a huge support.  My grandma who took care of my mom and grandpa this past week, all the aunts and uncles who have made sacrifices on varying levels to support my mom, my cousin Ashley–also an only child–who has been there to help as we only’s have to rely on someone.

Can’t go without also mentioning the unending support of the Beau who has wiped away more than his fare share of tears in the past few weeks!  Thanks for being so great!!!


One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted Faithie. I’m glad there was a bit of good news, just sorry it took so long to find the answer. 😦 It’s not easy to be so transparent with these sorts of things but I appreciate you being such a loving person and not being afraid to do what we’re supposed to, and reach OUT to community when it would be so easy to stay inside.

    Take care

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