Weekly Update #4?

So, updating on Wednesday’s just isn’t seeming to happen very often.  Yesterday was nuts with a delay at work due to snow (thankfully no more ice!)

After amost a full WEEK off of work and no classes other than Yoga and Nia last Monday, I was ready to hit this week with a vengence.  Working out at home was okay—but I’m not a fan of jumping jacks and when that’s about all you can do for cardio other than running in place….well, I was glad to be back on track.

It’s been a good, healthy week and my body is sore, but appreciative (even more so of my morning stretching and yoga this week).   After too many deep squats last week at home, my hip flexors are killing me, but I’m being extra nice to them (who EVER thought that would come up in my blog!)  I did my 6th day of Podrunner Intervals Week 2 yesterday on the treadmill after 11 day absence and honestly, it wasn’t too bad (even on the treadmill!!!)  I’m going to take the advice of my aunt and do 3 miles tomorrow and Sunday and see how that goes.

Speaking of 3 miles–I’ve decided on my first 5k!!! March 28th is the big day (and yes, I recognize that’s only 7 weeks away), I decided that there was no better time or place to do it than for Cycstic Fibrosis in honor of Nathan. Lee University has long hosted the Great Strides Walk and the 65 Roses 5K.  I haven’t registered yet or started raising money, but if you’re interested in supporting the the cause and efforts to find a cure, stayed tuned!!!

As far as TBL goes, this season is insane, but I still love it.  And you know WHO I love?  Tara.  Her comments to Laura when she got off the scale were incredible, I love her determination, spirit, SINCERE effort to be a TEAM and help others who are struggling and encourage them.  Just another shout-out to those girls being raised by single-mom’s!  She’s definitely my favorite at this point.

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