Finally caved into the facebook crave with my own “25 things you’ve always wanted to know about me and you life with never ever be the same” list.


  1. I was born in VA, went to college & Grad school in TN and had my first “real” job in KY. Love all 3 states!
  2. In spite of living in one area of the country, I absolutely love to travel & want to visit all 50 states in my lifetime.
  3. I love to sing and have done so all my life, mostly in church (or churches–thank you Lee Singers)
  4. I absolutely LOVE being a red-head and hope to bring more red-heads into the world! 🙂
  5. I am an only child and love it as it has sparked my creativity/imagination.
  6. I am a planner and organized to the Nth degree–definitely have my OCD moments, but am learning to R-E-L-A-X.
  7. I love Broadway shows (esp. musicals), the arts and quirky moves that most people don’t get (my favorite is Moulin Rouge!)
  8. I love the outdoors–the mountains, the beach, etc. I especially love the rolling water and the images it brings and life lessons that can be learned from it.
  9. I have a degree in youth and family ministry, yet have never served formally in a church as a youth leader.
  10. I have worked for 5 1/2 years in higher education and see it as an amazing ministry! (with youth and families–hello, parents!)
  11. Although I absolutely love my career, I can’t wait for the next phase including time as a wife and mom (see #4).
  12. I have AMAZING friends and love doing everything I can to stay connected to them.
  13. I love to cook and bake! I especially love experimenting in the kitchen and can’t wait to have my own garden one day! Mom recently taught me how to make homemade bread–YUM-O!
  14. My amazing boyfriend, Lewie, is also an only child (see #5), and I’m so thankful to have great friends (#12) to be aunts and uncles (#4)
  15. I have an unhealthy obsession with Jon & Kate plus 8 and want to be their friends!
  16. My mom is one of 8 kids to which i contribute my obsession (thanks to my fellow only-cousin Ash for pointing that out).
  17. I absolutely LOVE fall–the colors, foods, temperature, clothes and MOSTLY college football–GO DAWGS!
  18. I am a friendly introvert who must have my morning quiet time to function properly.
  19. I absolutely love to journal (key to #18 ) and have been doing so faithfully since my sophomore year of college.
  20. Coffee is my vice and I drink about 20-32 oz. a day–eek! (Also a key to #18–both the QT and the functioning).
  21. I love to read and have a rotating stack on my bedside table of both fiction & non-fiction (always up for recommendations!)
  22. I am a dreamer. It is a combination of creativity (#5) and planning/organization (#6)
  23. I secretly would love to write for a living. Write and travel (see # 19 and #2)
  24. I love setting goals (#22) and my main goal for 2009 is to run a 5K! I’ve NEVER been a runner, but have always had this desire to be one…I’m gonna see it happen!
  25. I have an unhealthy love for parenthesis (and apparently for cross-referencing as well, I’m realizing)!

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