Don’t add on

So, the new yoga instructor gives these little bits of wisdom at the end of each class that she calls her “OM” for the day.

When you’re tempted to jump on the bandwagon of a million little things that are going on around you–simply sit back, take a deep breath and say “don’t add on.”

Chances are you are just like me and most of the people reading this blog or that email.  Updaing your twitter or your facebook.

Busy.  Functioning.

All this, and yet you still long for connection–you’re really busy and life has happened fast in whatever way–be it at work, or at home, with the kids, or your car.  You long to be connected but find yourself beating yourself up for never having enough time, never being able to say NO and then feeling guilty when you have to cancel because you physically have crashed.

“Don’t add on”

That conversation with your co-worker or friend that really infuriated you or frustrated you–is it worth it?

“Don’t add on”

The gourmet dinner that totally bombed.  The crockpot that chose not to work and your dish ruined?

“Don’t add on”  Just order a pizza or make a sandwich.

It’s okay.  Give yourself a break.  Have a kit-kat even.  But don’t add on.  It won’t do one thing to change the situation.  As the saying goes–you can’t change your circumstances, just your attitude.


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