Books, Change and MUCHO Pocketchange

If you’ve been one of the few to peruse the updated site, you’ll know that a few of my goals for ’09 go back to the primitive thoughts of reading and writing.  🙂  That’s right.  Read 30 minutes a day and write something everyday.  I spend a bit of quiet time in the mornings with a devotional journal, but I’m trying to do something on top of that.  It’s been a challenge that I can’t say I’ve mastered every day, but it’s a work in progress.

If you have checked out my book page, you’ll notice one recent finish was Justice in the Burbs, authored by Will and Lisa Samson who are Lexington residents.  The book is about how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the midst of suburbia.  A fresh look at this subject, Lisa contributes her talents as a successful storyteller to introduce us to a fictional couple dealing with these issues.  Will, the sociologist (and visiting professor at Georgetown College) introduces the discourse of the subject in each chapter before concluding meditations by contributing writers.  A very compelling read and I love the way it’s laid out.  I found myself wanting to dive back into to the narrative (making this a tough book to put down), why truly being challenged by Will’s writings.

If you are questioning what we can do in our neighborhoods to make a difference–take a few days and read this book (I seriously finished it in like 5 days).  Ask for ways you can help.  Talk to people in your communities.  Re-learn what it means to be a neighbor.

I am SO excited to say that the ministry I’ve been involved with over the past few months just recieved a significant donation that will cover most of our costs for 2009.  Now in the grand scheme of things, the 8-10 of us coming together and sacrificing a little out of our own pockets wasn’t that much of a sacrifice.  But now we’ll be able to better serve in this capacity and reach out to more folks in need–THAT is such a great feeling!


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