Weekly Update #3

Well, I’m a day behind, but as I said yesterday, things have been a bit busy. Not only has work been busy, but LIFE has been a bit day by day with some illness and random things going on in my family as well as the Beau’s. Things are starting to normalize, but I’m not sure I know what normal is anymore anyway….

Training wise, I’ve still been using Podrunner Week 2, but it’s been COLD out and that’s been challenging, but I’ve done it. I also started Cardio Sculpt this week–it was GREAT and I’m so glad to be able to do this class, but MAN I am feeling it today. My calves are burning as well as my arms. Such a great feeling though. I’ll hit up Yoga today and another round of Cardio Sculpt. Apparently Nia and Zumba started Monday, but I was under the impression they didn’t due to the holiday.  We’ll see how they go–I hear Zumba is pretty tough.

TBL News—In the words of one of my good friends who’s a fellow fan–Her Facebook status commented “really?  really!”  Thoes were my sentiments exactly, Jen.  I mean–REALLY?  I don’t even know what TO say.  And I was a little confused at the temptation–it just seemed a little odd to me to reward the people who consumed the most calories and penalize those who didn’t by taking their trainer away.  Again…I’m just a bit dumbfounded.

As far as things that ARE working for me–two additions:

  • Skullcandy Headphones–these things are great!  They are way more comfortable than most, and block out a ton of noise.  I had been looking for them and found them at Marshall’s!  Yeah for deals!
  • Inspiration Song–Thank you Crossroads for putting me on the weekend we sang “Pocketfull of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield.  Having memorized those lyrics and having it on the iPod really gets you moving and thinking optomistically that “there’s a place that I go that nobody knows…”  We all need our “places.”  Thank you Natasha for helping me find mine.

One thought on “Weekly Update #3

  1. i am so proud of you for this workout plan you have. We just joined the gym too and i hope to get into it like you have. WHat is your plan? I am going to attempt tomorrow to start. I am hoping to do a spin class? Have you done one of those? How was your step class? Did you feel really out of place, not knowing what to do at first? you are awesome. Keep me posted. I want to run a half marathon sometime, just so i know i can. Any pointers to get me there.

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