Weekly Update #2

Week Two has sprung and it’s springing on one of the coldest weeks the US has seen in quite a while!  I’ve started week 2 of the PodRunner which has got me running 6- 90 second intervals.  I’m doing pretty well, but both runs so far on this week 2 have been bitterly cold.  I will have to head inside soon, I’m afraid.

One good bit of news–I got our Wellness Center email today of our offerings for the semester and will be able to not only take the Cardio Sculpt Class I was intending on (basically step aerobics with some weight training), but they’re offering both Nia and Zumba!  I’m SO excited!!!

I’ve also decided to steal away from my desk twice a week to hit up Yoga during the lunch hour and have two friends to help me be accountable.  Hopefully I can balance them ALL–might get a bit tricky!  🙂

Here’s the new outline:

  • Monday–Yoga/Nia/Zumba…yikes!
  • Tuesday–Cardio Sculpt
  • Wednesday–Running
  • Thursday–Yoga/Cardio Sculpt
  • Friday–Running
  • Saturday–Off Day
  • Sunday–Running

I really am a planner and work so much better with a consistent “thing” I’m doing each day–the past few weeks being out of town and now the cold snap have thrown me for a bit of a loop.  Any suggestions for staying on track?

In TBL News (The Biggest Loser), last night was the saddest elimination.  And Bob…woah…remind me never to cross him.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update #2

  1. I really like your strategy Faithie. It’s true you are a list maker who knows no bounds so this is a great idea! And kudos to you for raising the bar with two local accountability partners. I’m so proud of you and looking forward to your continued growth!

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