The safety of a dear friend

It’s been a great start to 2009.  Yes, it’s had it’s hiccups, but I’ve felt a fresh perspective each day, have been intentional about doing everything I can to meet my goals, but gracious enough with  myself to realize that sometimes, things happen–LIFE happens–and they don’t get met.  Just let it be that way for that day, and tomorrow, pick yourself up, give a little dusting and get back on the wagon.

I had such a refreshing time with a dear friend last night at Starbucks trying out their new Tea Lattes and sharing some time together.  I asked the barista what the newest drinks were all about and she started describing the London Fog.  At the words “Earl Grey” I was sold.  Picking up my hot cup of the flavor that takes me back to my sophomore year in college (along with Harry Connick’s Come By Me Cd and You’ve Got Mail) and getting in some good conversation was just what the doctor ordered.

I am thankful for those people in life who know how to challenge you in a supportive way, can relate to the work that I do and give you the perspective of life a few years ahead of where I’m currently sitting.  I’ve always been hesitant to be super involved in “singles groups” because I know REALLY well how to be single–I don’t want to stay this way forever. Give me a space I can learn how to be in another stage of life.

I want to learn about your marriage, the challenges and joys.  See into the things that have worked for your in keeping your date nights, or making an element of each day a “date.”  I want to be able to peer into how you parent your 2 year old and how YOU parent your 6 year old.  What led you to make the decision of this pre-school over that one or lead YOU to home-school.

Even before I was dating I wanted to know these things.  Now that I AM dating and am looking toward a bright future with the beau, I am even more interested in knowing all I can NOW.


One thought on “The safety of a dear friend

  1. hey faith, there are 2 things that have helped change my marriage for the better that I would highly recommend to anyone in a relationship. One is the sermon/book by Andy Stanley, choosing to cheat. It is about how there is only so much time in the day and we have to make a choice who to cheat, be it our work or our family or whatever it is for you. It is soooo good for time management. Also, the book Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. It is amazing that if I choose to show Dave respect no matter how I feel or how is treating me, he will in turn, show me love. It is so nice to get off the crazy cycle of argueing and fighting about dumb things and just to respect him unconditionally b/c God commands us to. The rewards are awesome!!!
    As far as parenting, I am a big proponent of the Baby Wise series. It established great sleep habits and makes for happy, content babies!

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