Deep Breaths


Today many friends are grieving, yet celebrating the rich life of Nathan Smith.  Nathan is now taking breathing just fine as his lungs are no longer plagued with Cystic Fibrosis.  They are breathing in the sweet aromas of heaven.

I met this fellow red-head at the church I attended there and through his cousin Tera whom I lived with my last summer there.  Nathan was an amazing person.  He pursued his passions to be a Physician’s Assistant, gave of himself on several medical missions trips and was an amazing friend and example as he persevered through his physical challenges to make the most of every day he was granted.

Although our heartache runs deep, but nothing compares to those deep breaths you are now taking.


4 thoughts on “Deep Breaths

  1. Faith,
    he looks so familiar to me… he went to Lee right? I feel like he also did a speech at Lee one time about his disease but I could be wrong, his sweet face just looks so familiar. I could have sworn I have heard his story before. I am so sorry, but so happy he can finally rest and breathe easily… love you.

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