Many of you have been updated on Mom’s status over the holiday via my twitter/facebook updates.  I haven’t formally mentioned it over the blog or in an email because, well, it was just tough to deal with to be honest.

The long and short of it is that Mom went to the Doctor in early December with head congestion/sinus/yuckyness that had affected her hearing.  After a week, everything was gone–including her hearing.  It never reappeared.  Back to the doctor she went and was diagnosed with having fluid behind her ears.  After a few days of the condition worsening and being incredibly off-balanced, she went to the ER on the 21st.  I jetted home to VA the next day to find my mom having “one of the worst cases of inner ear infection” the ER doctor had ever seen.

We muddled through the holidays humorously for the first few days, as Mom was having trouble hearing what I said and her interpretations had to make you laugh.  When her condition continued to worsen though, it lost it’s humor.  We called the ENT and got an appointment.  His diagnosis was that her hearing loss was not due to fluid or infection, but nerve damage.  What? Yep—my Mom who was a beautician for 21 years and then not working for the past 10 or so due to her health conditions has nerve damage in her ears?  Where in the world could she have gotten nerve damage?  It just didn’t make sense and to see your ENT just as puzzled, well, that wasn’t so comforting either.

After 4 doctors, we headed to get an MRI for answers.  We tried to make it fun.  Made the trip to Roanoke our annual “Mom/Daughter Date” with stops at Barnes and Noble and Olive Garden (Mom’s favorite and always default choice for our dates).  We did have fun.  We shared the chocolate caramel gelatto for dessert.  We love our ice cream.  🙂

I was challenged as to what to do.  Do I come home to Kentucky?  Do I stick around until she gets the results of the MRI just in case it’s bad news?  What about the wintery weather that’s supposed to hit Virginia on Friday?  I have to be back at work on Monday.  The questions didn’t end.  After much wise counsel from friends and the Beau, I knew that I’d know what to do when the time came to make the call.  And I did.  I loaded up the car on New Year’s Eve and then early New Year’s Day made the trek back to Georgetown.

Thinking she’d hear on Friday, Mom diligently called the Doctor’s office on Friday right as they were closing up shop at noon.  A weekend of waiting for the both of us.  I had a “re-new years” planned with the Beau for Friday night and Saturday, but I know the weekend had to be torture for Mom.  One day at a time we both kept encouraging.

Yesterday was the day.  She called the office and finally got a response a little after 5pm last night.

“Good news!  There were no signs of a tumor anywhere.  But the bad news is that we don’t know what is causing your hearing loss.”

It really is the little things, you know?  Those were the words I was completely avoiding saying out loud to myself or Mom, but were constantly lingering in my mind.  She’s revisiting the ENT in 6 weeks to see how permanent the hearing loss is and what can be done about it (say “Hello, hearing aids!”).  Still no answers for the unsteadiness, but we’re hoping her family doc and Rheumatologist will give her some answers.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the long and short of it.  Maybe it was the long of it.  But thanks a million to everyone out there who has offered up thoughts, prayers and well wishes toward Mom and I during this.  Continue to remember her as she’s got 6 weeks of this before she’ll get more answers.  Pray for her emotional health as well–the loss of her independence has been a big thing to process.  Pray for her and her neighbors as they all deal with the volume of her TV. 🙂 And while you’re at it, if you don’t mind, say one for me, that I’ll remember daily that she is in God’s hands and that’s the best place for her to be.


2 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Oh, daughter of mine!
    What can I say. You are so beautiful! Your spirit is beautiful to have put up with your Mom like you have. I hope everyone that knows you, knows that you are an amazing young woman. (Even though I may sound kind of prejudice). I just don’t think I could have gotten this far if you had not been there with me. I am so pleased that we have a Heavenly Father that held our hands during the past several weeks and who still is holding us up.
    I am doing better mentally and spiritually now. It seems like God has dropped little jewels of encouragement along the way, starting with the news of no tumors! Then to hear from you that your friends are praying for me. I can adjust with the hearing loss and will have a normal life . There are so many more people that are so much worse off than me. I am just thankful that I didn’t loose all of my hearing! Thanks friends for the prayers!
    WE HAVE TO LIFT ONE ANOTHER UP! As my daughter has drummed into my head on another matter…”You don’t have a choice!” God bless you!

  2. As one your many Griffith kin, I want to also applaud your support and love for your Mom. Long distance support is tough but I know that you keep in touch and your Mom feels your love and support daily. The spirituality you share with her and others is an inspiration to all who have the ears to hear and eyes to read. Know that you are both in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You! Love, Aunt Donna

    p.s. I was offline for several days with network problems which explains the delay in checking out your new blog. Awesome!

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