Welcome 2009….

I love a new year.  Just something about it’s freshness that really appeals to me.

Life is funny, ya know?  Things happen you never planned on.  Some good, others not so great.  One of the biggest lessons I feel 2008 taught me however, is that perspective is everything.  I found myself saying it so much people were asking if I was okay–thinking something majorly bad had happened.  That or recommending that I get it tattooed on my body for a reminder (stay tuned for that one).

One of my favorite little take-aways from this holiday season was The Daily Book of Positive Quotations.  It seems it’s been hitting home more than anything ever before lately.  One of the quotes from Albert Ellis said “People don’t just get upset.  They contribute to their upsetness.”  The comments after said “it’s not the events in our lives that upset us.  It’s how we think about them. We can’t control many of the things that happen to us, but we can control how we react to them.”

So true.  I’ve had quite a bit on my mind these past few weeks, so stayed tuned for more updates and feel free to take a look around.  Be nosy.  I’ve updated some of the pages (finally!)

4 thoughts on “Welcome 2009….

  1. Thanks Chris. I’m slowly learning but sometimes the application is another story. Thanks for your friendship and encouragement! It means more than you’ll know!

  2. Too true Faith. In fact I contributed to my own upsetness today. But then again, I’m pretty much and idiot. =) Love the new look for 2009.

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