Slacking, I know.

I know, I know…You’ve been checking my blog or your reader daily for updates and there haven’t been any.

My bad.

Life has been crazy all around–from our lives in Kentucky, to those in Viriginia, Tennesse, Washington and elsewhere.

Most of you know I’m not a huge political fan or get kicks from talking politics, economics, etc.  However, sometimes a little perspective shift is needed.

I recently read a great article by Melanie Benedict you can read posted on the Burnside Writers Collective. I wanted to share just a snipit of her thoughts as they have been many of my own as of late:

This morning I sat in my living room, not large by most standards, but probably six to eight times larger than the single room shared by an Ethiopian family of seven, and let my eyes slowly absorb the view. This is my living room. This is just one room in my house. A room that is used only for lounging, not for cooking or sleeping. A leisure room.

Glancing around I noticed the luxuries in this one room. Television (with cable, DVD player, and a rarely used VCR). Stereo. Gas fireplace. Wall-to-wall carpeting. Two couches and two chairs. Seven pillows. One blanket. Three tables. Two lamps, an overhead light fixture, and a ceiling fan. Two windows. Three entrances. Painted walls and a painted ceiling. Art on the wall. Four electrical outlets. A phone outlet, never used because I prefer a cell phone. A laptop computer with high-speed internet. And a stack of half-read magazines and catalogs two inches thick….

What would it do for our nation if we could live for even a few days in poverty akin to the daily experience of many around the world? Would we start to look at things a little differently? Would it be as important to own houses that are bigger than we need or can afford? Or would we begin to thank God for the cool breeze of the day, for another day of life to spend with our children, for a soft blanket, or a meal shared in love?


One thought on “Slacking, I know.

  1. Whew! Talk about putting things in perspective! Great read, Faith!
    Lately, when I pray, I have noticed that I begin by thanking God for the little things, that I usually take for granted, like…my nice flower bed in front of my apartment, cool afternoons, birds singing, the sound of the quietness (it’s beautiful).
    We are so blessed!!! When did we start taking that for granted? Shame on us!!
    Forgive me, Lord! You have been so good to me, and I am so undeserving!
    Continue the good read and thoughts!

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