What things make YOU happy?

In our convo today, this list from the Beau got me inspired and I had to share…it is followed by my retort.

you, family & friends, knowing God is constantly there, zoe, a sunny cool day, spending a rainy day on a porch or inside relaxing, great food, being in the mountains, near/in the ocean, good music, a great book, butterflies, going for a long walk and feeling no pain, driving on the interstate when there aren’t cars in the way, when my plants look healthy, a good movie, and so on…

you, my mom, driving with the windows down on a sunny day (especially if james taylor is on the radio), porch swings, laughing with my grandpa, seeing other people succeed and reach their goals, evening walks with a cool breeze, going to Upbeat Cafe for hours with a cup of joe and a blueberry scone, great food, restaurants with outside seating, fall, Georgia winning, orchards, spending quality time with the people who mean the most to me

As Lew said,  “I’m generally happy; life is too short to be sad.”
What’s on your list?

9 thoughts on “What things make YOU happy?

  1. Your convo with the beau sounds interesting, and familiar. Seeing you laugh with your grandpa makes me smile, because it is a delight to see the two of you together. He loves it!

    You and James Taylor on the radio sounds familiar also. 🙂

    You know what makes me happy?…You and that smile of yours! Have a good day, daughter! Love you, bunches!!!

  2. Tammy (Lambert) Johnson’s list … my new amazingly incredible husband, the perfect weather for our wedding, sailing on the caribbean, discovering new things … Greece, South Africa, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and all the things still out there to see and do, the simple things in life … chocolate, long baths with a good book, the beauty of fall, the love of family and friends, the friends who’ve become family, the fact that i have a job, a happy life, everything i “need” and the ability to get some things i “want”, Michael making me laugh, our walks or conversation over dinner, playing with our dog Jack, there are so many countless ways I’ve been blessed and the best part is knowing just how blessed I am.

  3. Paula’s list – my wonderful family, learning, sunshine and a cool breeze, fall colors and fall clothes, having a job that meets my needs, fabulous friends to share life (and wine) with, iced coffee and cookies of any kind, GAP Outlet and clearance sales, traveling to places I’ve never been.

  4. the first few days of a new season, nature, the sounds of my kids laughing, cuddles, anything with my wife, music, movies, watching people move forward in life and faith, teachings that come easily, chocolate, moments when I hear God speak clearly, mercy, friendships that endure over time and distance, reading, being healthy, crossing items off of my to do list, seeing God’s goodness in hindsight, feeling my body relax, watching a craftsman work at her trade, clicking with new friends, giving gifts

  5. A good book in front of a warm fire, listening to some acid jazz, sipping hot chocolate and snuggling with hubby when the weather outside is frightful.

  6. UK Basketball, the baseball playoffs, fat clothes, cheesy dip, sleeping in, laughing, acting a fool with friends, acting a bigger fool with my wife, the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall, Caribbean water, vacation, travel, new restaruants, personal realizations, being emotional, meeting a goal, encouraging others

  7. my husband, family and friends, camping, coming home after a long day and enjoying nature, chocolate, mexican food, doing community and laughing with my girlfriends, traveling, quite time with God, praise and worship, a great shopping find, encouraging, giving and serving others, this time of year (my favorite) – love the smell of fall, the leaves, wind, smell of smoke in fireplaces

  8. smiles! Getting Anna Claire out of the bed. Hearing Robb say ” this is my wife”, apple crisp, sleeping in, driving through the mountains on a sunny day, a perfectly cooked steak. camping, learning something new, crying, seeing a student grow, learning the depth of God’s love,
    the list could go on and on. I am so thankful for life!

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