Transitioning into “whelmed”

So, for the past few weeks, you could say I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.  Anytime in a new job, the first few months are a transition, but in the academic world, your entire first year is transitioning.  Take that and add a brand new component that even your boss has never done and being out of town two weekends in a row (like 6 hours + out of town) and I’ve been just making it from A to B.

But now I’m back.

Labor Day took the beau and I to Virginia for our family reunion at Claytor Lake.  It was a gorgeous day and we were able to really enjoy the time with family and friends.

The next weekend took us to beautiful Gulf Shores, AL for my dear friend Tammy’s beach wedding.  It was the first wedding of this sort either of us had been to and it was AWESOME!  How many times on the day of a wedding are you chillin’ in the gulf, or hanging out with the soon to be newlyweds in the pool a mere 3 hours before the wedding?!?!

There are lots of great things coming my way in the weeks ahead, but thankful there are no travels for a month or so.  Granted, I do love to travel, but there’s something about just being at home and relaxing…especially during my favorite Season–FALL!!!

Some upcoming, exciting things in life:

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