Finally Addressing the Update

Well, friends, for you faithful readers out there, if you are reading this you have discovered a new home for my blog. A few reasons prompted this change, including being mesmerized by the lovely photo you see now gracing my page (no–I didn’t take it, it was apart of the template).

This summer has brought a lot of change into my life–a new job in June, moving into a new space with a roommate at the end of June, some injuries, travels and overall some fairly major adjustments to almost every area of life. In looking back at all these things, I became rather frustrated a few weeks ago when after a look in the mirror, I realized my life was nothing close to the description of my blog: Pliable: adjective: 1. susceptible to being led or directed; 2.capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out; to adjust readily to different conditions; “an adaptable person”; “a flexible personality”; 4.capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking;

I kept asking myself every time I would look at my blog (which hadn’t been updated in months) “why in the WORLD did you title your blog that? You have been the furthest thing from an “adaptable person, able to adjust readily to differnt conditions.”

But then I remembered that I wasn’t broken. I might be a little bruised, beat up, but I wasn’t falling apart (I actually exclaimed this one night in tears to the beau after a second accident ensued on my feet in a month–“I feel like I’m falling apart!!!” through the tears of course).

So the past few weeks I’ve been able to clean off my lenses and see life in a much clearer way; realizing I am not falling apart and my “pliable” name was simply a reminder that is what I am striving for and this is a way to document that process. My “fresh coat of paint” for life includes a little update to the blog with a few more features and updates about some other “fresh coats” that are going on in my world.

Thanks to those of you who have showed me some extra doses of love and patience this summer. And thanks for being along for the ride in this journey. I’m reminded that the ride won’t always be smooth, but I’m thankful to have some great people by my side and that is what makes it so sweet.

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