To Flush or Not to Flush

Friday, I headed over to the reliable oil change service place that conveniently will “top off” your fluids for free if you’re a customer there (yes–this has made me loyal).

In going through the “LIST” of things I always say no to in their trying to make a few MORE bucks off of me, my ears did perk up a bit at the “you really should have your transmission flushed as it’s recommended every 50,000 miles.”

I bought my car at 28,000 and it’s now sitting pretty at 101,000 and I haven’t had one transmission flush.


Or maybe not. I’ve talked to several friends who have never had theirs flushed and the good ‘ole Google search is leaving me with conflicting information–especially stories of folks whose vehicles have performed worse after having a flush.

Expert (or novice) advice needed, please?!?!?!?!


One thought on “To Flush or Not to Flush

  1. jesse says don’t do it. we got our transmission fluid changed every now and then but when we did our transmission went out!!!! we haven’t changed it since and it has been fine 🙂 we’ll claim “expert” level – haha!

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