“Lord, there are people who have curled up and died in a corner for no reason other than they lost hope. When there is no hope, there is no life. Without hope, we give up–we lose our will to fight, to trust, to live.

There are too many people in this world today who have begun to lose hope–those who hunger for life’s basic needs but see no relief; those who see too many problems and cannot find a solution.

When I begin to lose hope, too often I have forgotten that hope is inseparably connected to love and faith…your love which powerfully confirms that you are not only the bringer of life; but you are Life…faith that receives love humbly and enables me to respond with hope to even the most complicated problems.

Lord, the hunger problem seems hopeless to many, the victims and the bystanders. But hope needs opportunity, and just as Paul adapted to his situation in life, you have given me now an unparalleled chance to be a part of conquering this condition, conscious of your presences which supplies me with strength and with hope.

Together we as believers can never repay you for supplying our needs, but we can trust in the hope that you will continue to supply them through us and through all the means available today. Empowered by hope in you, we can do even greater works than you did on earth–if only we keep hope.

Lord, we do not hope in ourselves, our technology, our governments, our laws, our tenacity, our courage, or our will, though these things are all necessary to conquer hunger and provide justice. We hope in you. Amen.”

~From Visions of a World Hungry by Thomas G. Pettepiece


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