Perfect Timing…

Since I moved to Georgetown closing in on three years ago, I knew my position as an Area Coordinator was a short-term, stepping stone position that most people would spend 2-4 years in. As an entry level position with not a lot of room for upward growth, this is an expectation that is set forth when AC’s join the team.

Upon moving here, I dove into getting involved at Crossroads, experienced an amazing community, really loved the students I was working with. After year 2, the thought of leaving was a grim reality I was faced with. It took quite a bit of time to discern what my next move was going to be–more education, move closer to family in Virginia, stay in the area?

I knew one thing for certain, my time serving as a live-in professional in a Residence Hall–those days were done. I have loved the experiences I’ve had these past 5 years living in, but there comes a time when you know it is time to have your own space, not have to enforce quiet hours and this introvert was craving that in a MAD way.

Knowing in my heart that this had to be my last year in this position has been a scary place to be–especially with the economy, hiring freezes on all public universities and trying to figure out how to afford living expenses on my own, since for the past 5 years that has been a benefit.

Patience is one of those things I’m learning. I have felt like Verucca Salt more times than I care to admit in the last year: “I want it NOW!” I want to know I’ll have an income. Know I’ll have a place to live. But as we all know, that isn’t the way that things work out. They come at the absolute last second.

Oh, but how sweet it is to wait until the last second.

I not only have a job, but it is at Georgetown, so I’ll still be around to see students I’ve worked with for the past 3 years. AND it’s much more 9-5. No on-duty crises to manage. Ahhhh…

I not only have a place to live that I can afford, but it’s a house. With a backyard. And a two car garage. And a roommate that’s super cool. After 5 years of dorm life–this is SWEEEEET!

Just a reminder that even though being patient totally sucks at times, it is so worth it.


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