American Idol

As a huge broadway fan, I was stoked to see Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber as last night’s mentor. However, I thought that the top 6 were…well, were a little all over the place. What are your thoughts? Weigh in…

  • Syesha: Definitely her element, still not my fav, but she does have a big voice. Liked the red dress and no shoes
  • Jason: Who is this kid and who allowed him to sing Memory? Jeez…
  • Brooke: “Oh, Brookie” Those were my words when she started over….surprised at the judges comments (esp. Simon), but unlike Syesha, this is NOT her element….
  • Archeletta: LOVED the arrangement…way to make the song your own…and keep your eyes open.
  • Carly: Definitely a great song choice! She is a rocker at heart…
  • Cook: Best performance of the night–totally shocked at how well he clenched this song. Seeing him work it out with Webber was a bit scary, but he totally pulled off the broadway thing…

One thought on “American Idol

  1. Good thoughts…pretty much mirror my own. I was really shocked by the vote last night..I think Carly is just a little too “out there” for middle America. Plus, some folks think the American Idol should be, well, American. (I could care less since my boy, the Aussie MJ was one of my picks to win.) Brook has really endeared herself to voters…she’s just so darn cute and real! I think she has a couple weeks left in her now. Looking like it’s going to be a showdown between the Davids in the end though…

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