Weekend Update

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day!!! I had to sport a fun spring dress (as did many of the women on campus). Lewie came down and we headed over to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. Who knew we had such a great little nugget of hiking trails and such in Lex! We had a great time and it was so great to be outside….we’ve had a great 4 months but, it’s mostly been spent inside, so it was great to get out and enjoy some beautiful natural creation.

After a nice dinner at Panera and a quick stop the Half Price Bookshop, we came back to Georgetown and enjoyed part of a showing of ‘Juno’ on the quad. There were quite a few students out and it was a great night to watch a movie–too bad there weren’t any stars out. 😦 Again–just being outside was great.

Saturday brought the Opening Day of Miracle League’s spring season. I’m thrilled to buddy with my boy Jonathan again–he and his twin Alexander are super cute 6 year olds who will be 7 in July. The distinction of these twins? Jonathan’s freckles. Oh yes, he was meant to be my buddy. 🙂

Saturday and Sunday I spent some extra time at St. Awesome’s on Vocal Team this weekend.

Sunday afternoon was pretty unproductive, but a dark realization of how much “stuff” I have to pack in the next month hit me. Mom’s coming down in late May to help me pack everything I’m hanging onto, so I have quite the task in the next few weeks to downsize…(deep sigh)…

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Sounds like a great weekend Faithie!

    Little known fact – I used to live on a property that borders Raven Run, and as such, spent a lot of time walking the creeks, waterfalls, swimming holes and trails. Beautiful little nugget indeed!

  2. A–Thanks for commentificating on my blog.

    B–Who knew you were holding out on me as a true outdoorsy type. 🙂 (Just in spring and fall–no summer, right?)

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