One Month and One Day…

Yes, that’s right…it’s been one month and one day since my last post. I figured I’d change things up a bit as well as post. Tons of changes in life anyway–why not change up the ‘ole blog. 🙂

I’m not naive to think that my readership has been sitting at their computers, just waiting for the newest post, but there have been quite a few big things going on in life that maybe you’re interested in.

March took Lewie and I to Virginia for a few days while I was on spring break. It was a much needed break. Lewie survived meeting the family (I think I was more nervous than he was) and we had lots of fun hanging out at my favorite spots in Virginia. The highlight of the week (for me) was our double date with Kristi and Joe, my best friends from HS who are 7 months pregnant!

Easter had me singing at Xroads–again, you never know how much you miss something until it’s out of your life and then comes back. Easter dinner at the Stevenson’s with the “family” and Lew was quite a fun, relaxing day (with yummy food, of course).

Work has been crazy–selecting student leaders for next year–quite the task. Just now finishing up the evaluation piece of that process. Fun stuff.

And the big kicker: my future. I am reminded daily by the amazing people that I have in my life that I am not in control–a much bigger and more powerful person is. It is still challenging to look at the situation even half-way objectively as the days get fewer and fewer and fewer…

I am optimistic than in three months (less would be GREAT) that I will be posting about the amazing things God has brought into my life job wise, housing wise, etc.


2 thoughts on “One Month and One Day…

  1. Wow, life truly has brought a lot of change your way! I am excited about the wonderful opportunities God is in the process of bringing your way, and I’m cheering you on through each step. You’re in my prayers and just an “IM” away.

  2. Thanks Tammy–I know I can always count on you for a kind word.

    And look at your with your saavy commenting–I’m so proud (*tear)…

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