Weekend Update

This past weekend I ventured to Cary, NC with my friends Kelly, Chris and Cher to visit our friends, Fred and Jen, who recently relocated there. Although it was a super quick trip, here are a few highlights:

– Leaving Lexington at 9:30pm on Friday night for an 8 hour drive
– Me driving the Tahoe through the Mountains
– Chris somehow “missing” his driving turn on the way down
-Great drive time convos with the crew
– Realizing we were going to end up at my aunts house in NC (who offered a place to nap and shower) at 4am
-Pulling in to Waffle Hizzy at 3am to “stall”.
-Laughing so hard at waffle house, I thought we were going to be asked to leave (or thrown waffles at)
-Pulling in to my aunts house at 5:45 am–thankfully uncle Tony was going out for a run at 5:50
-Visiting Anathoth, the community garden out of my Aunt’s Church, Cedar Grove United Methodist Church
– Spending quality time with Fred, Jen, Addy, and Colston (ps–Addy is my soul sister…)
-AMAZING weather–no kidding, it was 69 on Saturday!
-GREAT Food!!! Sweet Tomatoes, The Loop Pizza Grill, Lucky 32, and CARIBOU COFFEE!!!
Connections–such a great community. No Fred, we don’t think you guys are crazy. 🙂
-Watching “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” on the way home and Kelly and I quoting it from the front.
-Car Dancing
-Meeting my mom for dinner on the way home (YAY!)
-SLEEP (that actually happened on the return to Lex) 🙂

Needless to say, I’m already thinking of when I can go back. I absolutely loved Cary and Connections–such a great fit for the Turners. The girls were in mourning on Sunday (all in black–imagine that), but we couldn’t be more happy for Fred and Jen and the amazing community that already realizes what gems they’ve received.

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