What a week…

I mean, I knew that when the Giants won the Superbowl on Sunday I was in for a doosey of a week. That sentiment couldn’t have been more true. It’s just been a crazy week for work, personal life etc. However, there have also been some great highlights:

-Superbowl Party @ Xroads on Sunday–we had about 60 folks show up and 12 pots of chili AND some gumbo (thanks Rhett!) It was so fun AND the best part was getting to snuggle with little Jackson Stephan after wearing him out dancing to Tom Petty. He was OUT!

-A fabulous lunch with my RA’s on Tuesday (FAT Tuesday) and talking about lent, what people were giving up etc. One who was giving up french fries was trying to figure out if tater tots would be allowed. I think she decided no.

-Date night in Paris with Lewie last night. We were able to catch up our week so far over a cup of tea at Starbucks before heading to Campbell’s in Paris for dinner. GREAT spot. We were the only folks in the restaurant other than our waitress/cook/everything and her dad who was in his 80’s. They were so cute.

-RALEIGH WEEKEND!!!! We (me, Chris, Cher and Kelly) leave in 18 hours (apprx.) to visit our dear friends Fred and Jen who have recently relocated to Raleigh, NC. Chris has to announce for the GymCats tomorrow night, so we won’t be hitting the road until around 10pm and we’ll be roadtripping it college style by driving through the night. We’ll be stopping at my aunts about an hour north of Cary to nap and shower and then spend Saturday and Sunday before making our way back to Lexington (and stopping to say hi to mom on the way).

I’m glad this crazy weekend will end on a high note!


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